Finland Eyes Business Openings in Ghana

Joy News published a story on our interview on PM Express on MultiTV. The direct link is below, followed by the full article text.

From: Ghana| Joy News TV          Last Updated: February 20, 2012, 7:56 pm

Finland is eyeing investment opportunities in strategic areas of Ghana’s economy to hasten the growth of the country’s economy. Telecoms, Exports, Mining and the Oils sectors are sections of the economy engaging Finland’s attention.

A delegation from Finland on Wednesday, met with Trade Minister, Hannah Tetteh to iron out modalities of trade opportunities the two countries could explore together.

Speaking on Multi TV’s current affairs show, pm: EXPRESS, representatives of the Finish Business Council West Africa, the group facilitating Finland’s corporate interest in Ghana, noted that Ghana has become the launch pad into the sub-region because of its stable political environment and sound business atmosphere.

According to the Director of the group, Tuuli Saarela, “Ghana, with a fast growing economy presents itself with a lot of different sectors that are moving and booming with the oil sector being one of them. Growing service economies like the technology and financial services as well as other traditional sectors are part of these moving sectors”.

Finland is also looking at helping Ghana with her re-aforestation efforts due to its position as one of the leading countries in forestry.

A Financial Consultant, Kojo Osae – Addo with specialisation in SME financing who was also on the programme, stressed that Finland is one of the untapped investment partners with both financial and technology capacity Ghana can utilize. “Most of our business activities take place in the SME space and it is up to Ghanaians to position themselves to take advantage of the Fins interest in Ghana”, he opined.

The Finish Business Council West Africa (FBCWA), is an association of Finish companies and individuals doing business in West Africa with a focus on the private sector.

The Association’s Director, Tuuli Saarela, promised they “will follow up with government once there is a sustained interest and business happening between the private sector partners”.

Ghana| Joy News TV

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