FinnCham at Team Finland Day 2020

The Finland Chamber of Commerce hosted several discussion panels at Team Finland Day 2020. The conference was hosted on a digital platform and attended by 800 people quarantined around the world by the corona virus.

The main stage was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Director Juho Romakkaniemi. The discussion featured four Finland Chamber member companies, Nixu, Touchpoint, Lamor and MySoda.

Finnish Business Council West Africa was invited to a break out session panel discussing Africa and internationalization services available through the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The discussion was hosted by Timo Vuori and featured Finnish Business Council West Africa, Watermaster, JPT, Business Finland, Finnvera and the German Chamber of Commerce in Finland.

My message on the panel was simple. When you thinking about doing business in Africa, don’t go alone. Benefit from the experience of existing business networks and build trusted partnerships with African companies. There are great growth opportunities in Africa. And, your company can benefit from them by studying and understanding the environment, business culture and people.

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