FBC West Africa cooperates with Axis Legal

Finnish Business Council West Africa today announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Axis Legal.

Axis Legal will provide a range of support services to FBC within its core competence.

Axis Legal is a full-service commercial law firm in Accra Ghana. It is licensed by the General Legal Council to provide legal services.

Tuuli Saarela, a Director of Finnish Business Council West Africa, is one of only a handful of foreign lawyers qualified to practice law in Ghana. She specializes in international commercial law.

3 thoughts on “FBC West Africa cooperates with Axis Legal

  1. Dear Ms. Tuuli, Wonderful to hear FBC West Africa is alive and well… and in good hands. Best wishes, Pekka Rautimo

  2. Dear FBCWA/Ms. Tuuli Saarela – hello from Finland to you and FBCWA. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of ‘Finnish’/EU participation (partial funding or grants) in a major culture and heritage-oriented project destined to be built in Ghana. My thought is that the design would be finalized in Finland and built by locals. Finnish participation could include complete design, supervision, supply of building materials, etc. And on the long-run cultural interaction can also be established. Although funding can be secured locally for construction and the site for the complex is available, I believe Finland could participate in this Project within the many cooperation agreements between FI/EU/AU. Looking forward to hearing from you, Pekka

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