Independence Day greetings from the President of the Republic of Finland to expatriate Finns

Today, we celebrate Independence Day, paying tribute to all those who have helped to build our country into an equal welfare society.

Finland is part of a global world. We are actively involved in the European Union, the United Nations and numerous other international organisations. We have demonstrated Finland’s willingness to seek common solutions even in difficult situations.

The international community should act responsibly. Financially, socially and ecologically sustainable development is a challenge for which we must find global solutions that will also serve future generations.

The Finnish economy has witnessed rapid internationalisation, with increasing cultural exchange over our borders. The spread of expatriate Finns is part of this trend. People move to and from Finland at all stages of their lives.

As you build your own lives, you, Finns living abroad, are in an important role as ambassadors for Finland and Finnish culture in your own communities – an increasingly multicultural environment. You carry these experiences with you to your home country, which I hope will serve to demonstrate the richness and power of tolerance and diversity. It is in our interest to develop our country as an open, Nordic democracy. This is also reflected in the theme I have chosen for this year’s Independence Day: “Finland for equality and cooperation – responsibility for Finland, responsibility for the world.”

This is the fifth consecutive year in which I send you my greetings on Finland’s Independence Day. It is important for all of us and for Finland that your ties to your home country remain strong.
I send you my warmest greetings on the 94th anniversary of Finland’s independence.

Tarja Halonen
President of the Republic of Finland

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